Who is Fighting for the Life of American Journalist Evan Gershkovich?

Bad Vlad Jails Lad.

Steven Rouach


Freedom and imprisonment. (Vladimir Putin and Evan Gershkovich).

Let’s take a quick glance at the man who rules Russia and his ongoing quest to rule the entire world.

Ex-KGB agent and Bare-Chested Horseman of the Apocalypse, Vladimir Putin, is best known for his amazing work orchestrating the end results of the U.S. 2016 election and as the recipient of Villains Weekly Magazine’s coveted award for “Most Awesome Poisonings!”.

Putin’s recent activities of invading Ukraine in hopes of killing and maiming everyone who lives there… have directly caused many countries to report NEWS on this situation, despite Mr. Putin not wanting them to. The United Nations even took the time to form an immediate and very stern response by sending a frown emoji directly to Mr. Putin’s phone, as pictured below.


And due to this unfortunate and tragic series of events, an American journalist named Evan Gershkovich was arrested in Russia, in the city of Yekaterinburg*.

*(ED NOTE: Yekaterinburg is the leading cultural center of the Urals and has numerous institutions of higher education where young Russian students can gain the kind of knowledge and develop the kind of wisdom that will definitely, one day, eventually cause them to be hauled off to Russian prisons too).

I now need to disclose that there is a connection between myself and Evan Gershkovich.

A friend of mine who is the only mentor I’ve ever had, and thus someone who has had a profound effect on my life, has a son. His son was Evan’s roommate for four years all through college, the two young men becoming best friends then and since.

In my mentor’s own recently published article, he wrote about how upon first hearing that an American reporter was arrested and detained in Russia he kept thinking over and over;

Please don’t be Evan”… “Please don’t be Evan”…

He wrote about the impact on Evan’s parents. A comet crashing through their lives, casually cast at them by arguably the single most powerful man in the entire world. He wrote about the impact it has on his own son and on himself.



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