Waving Goodbye to Both Roe v. Wade and a Legitimate Supreme Court.

GOP FINALLY Achieves; Women = Chattel… & Church = State.

Steven Rouach


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And here we are. If you’re a woman your most profound and personal decision has just been ripped away from you. When you went to sleep last night you were fully in charge of your own reproductive organs and now you’ve just awoken to a reality where you’re not.

If you’re a woman who is raped, violently, by some sick animal in human clothes, you’re now expected to carry your rapist’s fetus to term so that he can eventually be granted full parental rights such as visitation.

Isn't that amazing?

If you’re raped by a family member you’re now expected to give birth to your unwanted inbred fetus. Oh, and if you need an abortion for medical reasons, complications such as “being at great risk of death”… I guess you should just start hugging your loved ones goodbye.

We’re on the other side now. We were brutally forced into a time machine and whisked back to the age of unsanitary back-room abortions by amateur doctors, the age of women bleeding to death, holding a blood-soaked wire hanger as their eyes lose focus and their bodies get colder.

Ironically, the same exact people who brought you this strange new existence where you, as a woman, have zero reproductive rights or choices — will fight tooth and nail, or more accurately… fang and claw, to prevent you from having any prenatal care, any financial assistance, any paid maternity leave, and in fact, will do all they ever possibly can to ensure that your child will eventually and inevitably be in constant danger of being gunned down in school by a military-grade weapon carried by a madman who had full access to as many AR-15’s and ammo as he can carry.

The terrifying results of a biased Supreme Court has suddenly birthed a NEW America.

As the backdrop of living in a country where such trifles such as OVERTLY ATTEMPTING TO OVERTHROW THE ENTIRE U.S. GOVERNMENT seems to have no repercussions, a place where laws no longer seem to apply to the wealthy, we have another monumental testament to our loss of reason and sanity.

We’re in a new world and in the words of centuries-dead cartographers “here there be monsters”.

And guess what. This is just the very beginning. Let’s get our hankies out to wave goodbye to equal rights for gay people. Separation of church and state. Oh, I can’t fathom what this heavily biased cult that unashamedly calls itself the majority of the institution formerly known as “The Supreme Court” will rapidly roll out.

I just know that it started today.

Written by Steven W. Rouach



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