Trump’s “VERY FINE PEOPLE” Are Really Stepping Up Their Game

Fanning the flames of hatred

Steven Rouach
4 min readOct 29, 2018

From left to right, (ironically enough), the people pictured above are the racist animals who murdered Heather Heyer, the racist animal who tried to murder everyone with a listed address, and the racist animal who murdered 11 human beings as they were busy talking to GOD.

Guess what they all have in common. Did you guess halitosis and virginity? If so, you’d be right… but they’re also members of Trump’s “Very Fine People” Club.

The people who turned this

into this

Heather Heyer’s very last words on Facebook were “If you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention”.

This was right before she was brutally murdered in the street in front of all our horrified eyes.

This is before her grieving parents received constant death threats and had to bury their young, compassionate, daughter in an undisclosed location so her grave wouldn’t be defaced. A hero amongst us who gave her life fighting hate, carrying a sign and peacefully protesting against Nazism, will never be a mother. She will never again speak out against antisemitism and racism. This is due to Trump’s “Very Fine People”.

Here’s an example of a NAZI believing — through the example set by Donald Trump that ‘his time has come’.

A time of Nazis. A Time of hate. A time of murder.

The worst, WORST, part of this is…

he’s right. Their time HAS come. Trump marked it on his own watch.

Here’s another image born from the tattered remains of the despicable and psychotic thing Trump calls his mind.

Nurtured through Trump’s words, fed through his hatred, warmed by Trump’s chilling effect on this country. This door swung wide open through the entryway for a house divided, which can no longer stand.

This image.

This is what was mailed to 14 human beings.

On the way there, they were handled by multiple postal workers. People with children and families, just working hard to bring us our mail… held an envelope of death and hatred while toiling away at their jobs. Their lives were at risk along with two former presidents and a who’s who list of Trump’s political opponents.

And now Trump’s “Very Fine People” murdered 11 worshipers as they were praying.

“America, the land of the free and home of the brave” was how we as a country once envisioned ourselves. It was what we saw when we looked in the mirror. What we strove to be. ASPIRED to be.

Now we’re the “land of sniveling cowards and the home of hatred and insanity.”

We’ve lost our dignity and our humanity.

Before 2016, I NEVER saw swastikas here in NY. Back then in those carefree days, if you were into NAZI symbols, it meant that you were an un-American dick. You know,… because the Nazis were BAD.

Over the last two years, hate crimes against Jewish people HAVE DOUBLED.

Trump’s “Very Fine People” have been busy. And Trump tells us Nazis are fine and “the enemy of the people” is… anyone who disparages Trump.

The Tree Of Life Synagogue has become the blood-soaked scene of death. Trump, the man appointed to guide us through tragedy, the man appointed to lead us through atrocities, went on about his merry way leading his own rallies. A day after Hillary Clinton was mailed a bomb, Trump led his chant of “lock her up”.

So, gaze upon the faces of Trump’s “very fine people”. Terrorists. Mass Murderers. Savage, insane, monsters who insist only THEY have the right to exist.

“Trump embraces Nationalism” — David Duke

“Really proud of him” — Richard Spenser

A hero of the stupid. A cheerleader for hate. A dangerous lunatic. And Trump is the reason black, Hispanic, Muslim and Jewish corpses pile up across America as Trump’s devotees merrily plan their next atrocities.

Selfishness, greed, and evil unchecked — is now the new norm.

The new normal.

I plan to fight this with the one and only superpower bestowed to me. Bestowed to all of us. A vote, against all of this.

I hope it’s enough.

I hope it makes a difference.

Because this will get worse if it doesn’t. Donald Trump, the chief propagandist of the radicalized Far-Right movement will step up his game too, until all of us are in the great, great, peril his heart desires. As we, the people, drown in the seas of sorrow, never reaching the shores of justice and humanity again.

Written by Steven W. Rouach



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