Repressed Homosexual Cop Threatens LGBTQ Community With Execution. In a Church. As its Pastor.

This Happened.

Steven Rouach


If you’re a person who feels immense rage due to having to coexist with the LGBTQ community, due to their insistence of living on Earth, I’m here to help you!

You’re gay.

No, really. I’m sorry that this upsets you. I understand your dilemma. You hate gay people. Because you’re gay. You’re very angry they’re always tempting you with their sexy gay-stuff.

You see, people who are comfortable in their own sexuality rarely call for, or plan, the mass execution and genocide of the entire LGBTQ community.

For example, I’m a straight man and that totally works for me. Thus, I never run around in a rage like a maniac screaming about killing LGBTQ people. I don’t obsess on them. They don’t upset me in any way. I’m upset by their plight because I’m a sensible human being who understands that the word consenting when combined with the word adults always equals no one else’s business. Here, I’ll even give you a ‘Good Will Hunting’ styled mathematical equation.


So, let’s take a whimsical journey examining Grayson Fritts. He’s what the medical community refers to as “A Silly Goose, But One That’s Also Heavily Armed”.

Pictured above. (L) Not the face of a crazy, armed, man. (R) Not the face of a crazy, armed, man pretending to be casually holding another man’s penis.

Grayson Fritts is an officer of the law in Tennessee due to a very stringent hiring process at the Knox County Sheriffs Office where they determine, through much diligent testing, that accepted applicants are white, and insane, and filled to the brim with ‘roid-rage, before giving them guns.

Grayson Fritts is ALSO a preacher. He’s really into GOD. Not,… you know, Regular-GOD, the entity many of the rest of us picture as a wise and benevolent creator, but instead, Angry-Murder-GOD who only invented LGBTQ people (and creates millions more of them per day), just so that they can all be hunted for sport.

So, Grayson Fritts created the ‘All Scripture Baptist Church’ in Knoxville because the name — ‘Murder Blood Raining Body Organs & The



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