John Lennon’s Killer Shows Remorse

How Do YOU Sleep?

Steven Rouach


John Lennon signs an autograph for Mark David Chapman just hours before being murdered by him.

Mark David Chapman killed a man in cold blood right here in the streets of NYC. Happens almost every day. What makes Chapman special is he stole something from the WORLD.

I love John Lennon as an artist. As a musician, I sounded vaguely like him when I sang. The sound of heartache, depression, and rage, from the sub-basement depths of one’s soul. This is simply because I’ve heard his voice since the age of 2 or 3 every day of my existence. The Beatles were my first true love, of anything, ever. I was trained to have his inflections despite no one in the universe ever being that good or diverse a rock singer as the Beatle- version of John Lennon was. Before or since.

Lennon, to me, — was simply the best rock singer who ever lived. People would contest this but they’d be wrong. Name all other rock singers and Lennon was better than all of them. COMBINED.

Twist and Shout.

Recorded in ONE TAKE.

On a day when Lennon was completely sick and sucking on lozenges.

At the very end of a 13-hour recording session where the Beatles recorded their first entire album in a day.*

Case closed.

(*Rounded out with the inclusion of their first two singles, already released).

Still don’t believe me? Okay, after listening to Lennon’s vocal on “Twist and Shout”, listen to “Julia”. That’s the entire range of everything in rock. Also, Lennon’s screams in the heavier, faster, better, single-version of “Revolution” are the best screams in the history of all rock and roll and have never even come close to being matched*.
(*That’s in the “Male Rock Screams” category. For the best “Female Division” screams in the history of Rock & Roll see Kim Shattuck from the band “The Muffs”. Songs like “Agony”, “Sad Tomorrow”, and “Oh, Mina” from their BEST release- the album “Blonde and Blonder” are good examples..)

Musically, there are many ways the mid to late 60’s Lennon was unmatched, (even by his insanely talented partner Paul McCartney, or the emerging late 60’s brilliance of George Harrison). That was John Lennon the musician.



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