Hell Hath No Fury So Give ’Em HELL GALS!

This Exact Moment in History Will Determine the World Our Daughters and Granddaughters Are Born Into.

hile we see America start to fray at its edges and we all start to learn how fragile an object the world truly is… everything seems worse, but in some ways, some things are slowly getting better.

In the past few years, there was a seismic change in identifying and stopping some of the worst monsters among us. Bill Cosby can no longer drug and rape women. Harvey Weinstein’s quality of life is about to plummet, his reign of atrocities ended.

Here’s an argument I’ve had, over and over, with other men. Please note a sizable portion of us males are not idiotic enough to think this way. Sadly, the male gender can only run as fast as its very slowest walkers…

“All those women knew what they were getting into. Why were they going up to Weinstein’s / Cosby’s / etc’s hotel room?”

Well, brainiacs, good question IF you’re an idiot. Amazingly stupid question if you have an IQ that falls within the double to triple digit range.

Two part answer. Either or.

  1. Some people are naturally trusting because they haven’t yet been violently raped and forced into sex, or drugged unconscious and forced into sex.
  2. Holding someone’s entire existence hostage.

If Harvey Weinstein said convincingly “I’m going to murder both your parents in cold blood if you don’t have sex with me!” and put a woman’s parents on the phone so she can hear them being held hostage, as they’re screaming from being physically tortured and dismembered, would that be wrong?

Okay, what if he did the same thing with someone’s DREAM, their life-long focused passion? The very thing they live and breathe, and their entire existence?

Actors, actresses, musicians, artists, study their entire lives honing their crafts. They sacrifice stability and comfort. They pay their dues. They audition and struggle. They work crummy jobs so they can facilitate this.

A random little girl wants to be an actress from the age of five years old. As she grows up she obsessively studies her lines in school plays. Time turns a girl’s dream into a woman’s passion. She goes to acting school, she attends workshops, she buys every issue of “the Backstage” the moment it comes out and auditions for everything. She cries hysterically after every audition. Her heart breaks when she loses the four lines in a hemorrhoid-cream commercial. She slowly builds her reels and resumes through constant struggle, starts to land roles, her years of toil starting to pay off, and OH, here comes sweaty, disgusting, Harvey Weinstein to say “DO this, or YOU’LL NEVER WORK AGAIN! I’ll crush your dreams to f*****g POWDER!”.

Does THAT seem fine? Holding someone’s dreams and life-long struggle hostage for sex?

How many people can find a second lifelong DREAM? How many can suddenly be forced into an entirely different world and still be okay?

So, Weinstein will soon be facing the possibility of prison, Louis CK’s penis is safely put away, Matt Laurer and Bill O’Reilly and Charlie Rose now discuss the news amongst themselves. Celebrity chefs Mike Isabella and Mario Batali are now both cooking for one. CBS has a lot LESS -Les Moonves. Oh, if I listed them all I’d be writing a 600-page article.

SO: The world where there are “OPEN SECRETS” is gone. I’ll dance on that world’s grave. For the first time in my lifetime, it seems now, that great fame and power finally comes attached to responsibility and accountability. That is a GOOD thing. The men who cry out against the #MeToo movement, are just a bunch of rapey dudes who are sad they’re not allowed to rape and harass anymore. Here’s another profoundly idiotic sentence.

“We don’t know the rules!”

Oh, yes you do. It isn’t rocket science.

But if you demand to be that thick, here is the entire list of rules:

  1. Assume an obvious, MUTUAL interest in sexual contact and/or dialogue is needed to perform sexual acts and/or dialogue with someone else.

— Ta Daa! Now you have all the rules!

Danny Masterson: -”However, in the current climate, it seems as if you are presumed guilty the moment you are accused”.

Yes, Danny — when five or more women accuse you of RAPE, I’M JUST GOING TO GO AHEAD AND PRESUME YOU’RE GUILTY. Imagine that… Also, maybe if you weren’t busy raping everyone every minute we wouldn’t NEED to have the current climate. You’re part of the weather that makes up the climate, Danny!

Sean Penn: (on Me-too) “it divides men and women”.

Yes, Sean, it divides women from men who are rapists or serial molesters. Dividing stuff is good sometimes. A great example of this is you and Madonna.

And against this terrifying backdrop let’s run the film of:


And FORCED upon us that time when the Republican Party, collectively, decided to graciously let Ben Carson experiment on all of their brains.

Republicans and their leader Donald Trump (a guy Bob Woodward thinks of whenever he hears the word “FEAR”) refuse to let the FBI look into the (now multiple) claims of sexual misconduct and attempted rape against Kavanaugh. It’s because if the FBI (a group of people with the word “INVESTIGATION” right in their name)- finds evidence that supports Christine Blasey Ford’s claims, Kavanaugh COULD BE TRIED AND POSSIBLY CONVICTED.

This is due to some states having the VERY GOOD IDEA of NOT having a statute of limitations for stuff like, you know… raping or attempting to rape a woman as you cover her mouth with your hand so people won’t HEAR HER SCREAMING FOR HELP!

Kavanaugh could actually go to prison for that — due to a concept known as “JUSTICE”, which is a trend just starting to emerge over the American landscape like a warm sunrise after two solid years of tombstone-cold darkness.

So, there needs to be accountability.

See, we truly are in a different world now.

When Anita Hill said she was ‘peeved’ that she was subjected, in a professional setting, to Clarence Thomas’ hourly discussions about HIS PENIS, and what it likes, what it doesn’t like, what it’s feeling and thinking, what he feeds it, things he says to it, followed by him singing out penis anecdotes in song like a Broadway-styled Musical — it was a different world.

Most men in business at the time, ESPECIALLY Wall Street Guys, thought- “Wait, I did that all day yesterday! I’m about to do that now! Sally get in here, there’s some really weird penis stuff I want to talk about. Bring Meg!”.

And of course, that’s HORRIBLE. On a bright note, the goodhearted Republicans at Anita Hill’s hearing were kind enough to find it in their hearts, through much soul searching, to not dump a giant bucket of blood onto Anita Hill’s head like the final scene from Stephen King’s “Carrie”. They did go so far as tying a string to a bucket of blood they perched precariously in the Senate rafters over where she was sitting, but in the end, they shrewdly decided the optics might not play well on television. So, they just verbally attacked her and did everything they could possibly think of to project themselves as strange, horrible, rich, old, men who were all grumpy because someone sawed off both their devil horns and Satan-tails.

And nothing changed. That was the world it happened in.

I did what my conscience told me to do, and you can’t fail if you do that. — Anita Hill

Those men in the Republican Party had no conscience then, nor now. (Heck, their “leader” is barely conscious and has ZERO conscience!)

That was in 1991. That world is dead now. Killed by: Information at our fingertips, flooding our brains, connected through phones and Twitter.

Let’s go back further. In the mid-1970’s, when I was just a tiny bip of a bop, there was a Hilarious & Delightful movie called. “Animal House”. Oh, it was a knee-slapper at the time I’ll tells-you! As a kid, I laughed myself silly watching it along with millions of other Americans. It was a FUN movie about a frat-house in a college with frat-guys doing stuff like:

  • Murdering a horse.
  • Committing sexual assault by going onto a ladder and watching women undress.
  • A guy deciding whether or not to rape a woman who passed out.
  • A guy has sex with an underage girl, which equates to raping a minor.

Many of you weren’t born yet when it was firmly established that John Belushi was the most brilliant comedic force that ever lived. The rest of the movie itself doesn’t really hold up due to it being filmed and watched in a different world.

Dinosaurs get extinct because they don’t evolve. They’re not suited to the world they now live in. That’s the Republican Party. A big old, rapey, racist, greedy, crazy, dinosaur. Watching the world change around it and acting out because it can’t adapt.

We’re in the now. THIS is NOT 1991. This isn’t Anita Hill discussing sane and fair workplace etiquette and late night comedians using it as a side note.

THIS is a time when the REPUBLICAN PARTY is being HEAVILY SCRUTINIZED as they NEVER have before. This is when they’re demanding, with everyone’s FULL AND UNDIVIDED ATTENTION that A MAN ACCUSED OF ATTEMPTED RAPE BE PUT IMMEDIATELY ON THE SUPREME COURT. NO MATTER WHAT THEY FIND OUT. No matter what anyone says.

“In my opinion, it’s totally political. It’s totally political.” -Donald Trump

“They’re all liars” -Donald Trump

-Donald Trump about the women he sexually assaulted. About the women physically abused by Rob Porter. About the women molested as girls by Roy Moore. About Kavanaugh’s attempted rape of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, and another woman’s claims of sexual misconduct.

Shame on you Donald Trump, and shame upon the Republican Frat Party.

The phrase “The Party’s Over!” has never been more apt.

Here, GOP — is something you can soon say to the House and Senate.

(Photo by Trinity Kubassek)

So, If you’re a woman in a state that has a Republican Senator, oh, DO let them know how you FEEL about this. Let them know you SEE them. That they are being WATCHED. That YOU’RE the JUDGES who are NOT in the Supreme Court. Let them see your fury for being scorned.

Give them HELL Gals!


Written with Love
by Steven W. Rouach

Is a carbon based life form from Earth. Anyone who tells you he's not is absolutely lying. He's known for being dashing, heroic & humanity's last, best, hope.

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