Frank Zappa said that this band is “Better than The Beatles”

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Steven Rouach
4 min readMar 10, 2019

Austin Wiggin’s mother was a tarot card reader who gave her own son a number of predictions.

She predicted her son would marry a strawberry blonde, that she herself would die shortly after, and that he would have daughters who would go on to form a very popular rock band.

So, Austin did marry a strawberry blonde. His mother passed on shortly after as predicted, and seeing that her prophesies had all come true: Austin took his daughters out of school, bought them instruments, and turned them into a band.

And guess what happened.

The all-girl-group now named “The Shaggs” performed at a local talent show and people threw garbage at them. It’s possible that this exact moment was the original formation of “Punk Rock”.

The band was composed of sisters Dorothy “Dot” Wiggin (vocals/lead guitar), Betty Wiggin (vocals/rhythm guitar), and Helen Wiggin (drums).

Undeterred, their father bought them time in a recording studio. When the studio engineer heard The Shaggs perform, he diplomatically said “I don’t think they’re ready” due to his having ethics and a soul, but Austin Wiggins insisted on recording them anyway.

Here’s the Result:

Meet The Shaggs!



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