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  • Docliz


  • Ali Mese

    Ali Mese

    Founder/Owner: Start it up + Curious + Geek Culture. I also write essays that help you get smarter at building your thing https://GrowthSupply.com

  • DearBonks


    Hi, I'm forty-five years seasoned and I adore this planet; Crabby people are hysterically funny and I kinda see an SNL® skit everywhere. xo

  • Jon Roberts

    Jon Roberts

    Software Developer, DIY homeowner, Gamer Dad

  • Arindam Gupta

    Arindam Gupta

  • Gippolito Ndp

    Gippolito Ndp

    Dad, G-dad, veteran, semi-retired lawyer, archaeologist, writer

  • Ted Jones

    Ted Jones

  • George Crawford

    George Crawford

    Not a mad-scientist. More of a mad-engineer, really.

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