Cute Things Donald Says

By Steven Rouach

Steven Rouach


(“Demonic Hitler” graphic by Steven Rouach)

Donald says; if you’re transgender you’re not fit to serve in the US military and shouldn’t be allowed to defend your own country. A country he doesn’t want you to ever feel that you’re a part of.

Donald says; he only likes soldiers who DON’T get captured. So take note soldiers, try not to get captured if you want Donald to like you.

Donald says; he doesn’t want to pay tribute to fallen soldiers who died fighting the Nazis if it’s raining…

Donald says; Nazis are “Very Fine People” hours after one of them brutally murdered Heather Heyer in front of all our horrified eyes. Donald’s “Very Fine People” are the reason Heather Heyer’s parents had to bury her body in a secret location, they’re the reason they’ll never be grandparents to the children Heather will never have. Heather wanted to save the world because that’s what heroes do. She didn’t die under a foreign sky but her own. Her blood spilled on American soil fighting Nazis.

Donald says; the US should have military parades in his honor for the service he would have given to his country if not for his pesky bone spurs and lack of motivation, patriotism, bravery, or heroism.

Donald says; there’s no climate change or global warming, and has fired every scientist who doesn’t agree because
Donald says; the best way to adapt and achieve is to get rid of all the smart people.

Donald says; The 20 or so women who’ve accused Donald of things like RAPE and sexual assault are all “liars”.

Donald says; he grabs them by their p*****s.

Donald says; WOMEN ARE NASTY!

Donald says; children should be ripped away from their parents and kept in cages under horrific, insanely cruel, conditions.

Donald says; it doesn’t matter that seven children have died in his Kidz-R-Prisoners concentration camps because it makes his base happy when they see Hispanic children become corpses. Let’s meet those children.



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