Blood and Murder in that Place Where I Used to Feel Safe.

Feeding the Flames of Hate to Another River of Blood

I’ve eaten there.

The Chinese restaurant in Sheepshead Bay.

I’ve eaten there and in the neighboring restaurants hundreds of times, probably thousands. When I was nine, I went fishing off the pier right across the street from it with my cousin. (We both lived about 10 blocks away from the place). As an adult, I ate there with my mother on Mother’s Day along with a lovely Canadian woman I was seeing at the time. None of us were murdered that day.

A few years ago I walked past it on a date, holding hands with a woman with fiery red hair who wound up accompanying me on my adventures and exploits for a while. We got along swimmingly… until we didn’t, but it was one of the postcard nice memories of us, of which there were several, that I keep in my mind.

Here’s what that looked like.

Sheepshead Bay. I place where I grew up. A place where I always felt safe.

Specifically, the Chinese Restaurant in Sheepshead Bay, where a man suddenly started bludgeoning people to death, because they were Chinese.

It was a good place. Buffet style, busy with surprisingly decent food. The chef, Fufai Pun, was there, working up until the moment Arthur Martunovich hit him in the head with the claw side of a hammer. Then he was dead. He was 34 years old.

Two of his co-workers were left in critical condition. One has since died as well.

Sheepshead Bay is a very nice, and in its own way, beautiful place. It has hundreds of restaurants across from piers right onto the water, where all the party and fishing boats depart from. There are benches where you can sit and think and hear the water lap, uncrowded even when it’s crowded. —
Why they (Brooklyn’s founders) decided to call such a picturesque area “Sheep’s-Head Bay”, must have been related to the same committee that shrewdly decided to name the entire neighboring area *“GRAVE’S END”… (* but only because the names “Spooky Haunted-Town”, and “Exorcist Boulevard”, were possibly already taken).

So… a Brooklyn jewel. A place where nothing bad was supposed to happen. A place where various members of my family STILL go to eat all the time.

Just out of nowhere, insanity, and wrath. People screaming. People dead. The NYPD shows up to put a stop to it, just like they always do…

Racism and hatred suddenly leave tiny droplets of blood on the stacked mental photos of most of my entire life.

So, one lunatic. One person critical. Two people dead. If guns were “a thing” here in NY, it would’ve been dozens.

Arthur Martunovich is a murderer. A deranged individual. In N.Y. Arthur Martunovich can’t walk into a store and purchase a gun. Or an assault rifle. Or a rocket launcher, machine gun, or tank. In this way New York makes sense.

Arthur Martunovich decided to murder Chinese people while they were working. Much like MAGA-fueled and heavily armed Robert D. Bowers killed 11 Jewish people while they were praying.

Hate crimes have been raining down upon us since 2016. Swastikas adorn every flat surface in Donald Trump’s version of America.

Trump gave a sense of hope and empowerment to every racist and unhinged lunatic. To every person who treasures hatred and violence, your time has finally come.

For all the rest of us, there’s nowhere we can truly feel safe… Not anymore.

Written by Steven W. Rouach

©2019 SWRouach

Is a carbon based life form from Earth. Anyone who tells you he's not is absolutely lying. He's known for being dashing, heroic & humanity's last, best, hope.

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