Blimp Attacks Goodyear! A Giant Bag of Wind Named Donald, Boycotts an American Tire Company to Imperil All Its Workers.


“LET IT ROLL, BABY, ROLL!” Image by author
6 Seasons and a Movie…
  1. They are a business.
  2. They are a business.
  3. See 1,2,3.

“Hey employees. Here’s the deal. No more MAGA hats, or any other insanely divisive things including Nazi flags as capes, or “I Just Don’t Like Jews!” t-shirts, are allowed in the workplace. This is because people work here. Also, your ass can’t be out, no one should be barefoot, nor can you fellas walk around with your penises exposed. I guess you needed us to explain all this to you and now we did. May GOD save all of our souls, -the Management of Goodyear”.

Donald Trump didn’t like this. He truly felt that only people who wear his hats should be allowed the privilege of working in a tire company. He makes money off those hats. HOW DARE THEY?!?

Is a carbon based life form from Earth. Anyone who tells you he's not is absolutely lying. He's known for being dashing, heroic & humanity's last, best, hope.