An Open Letter To Gun Enthusiasts

I know. You love guns. I get it.

Now, please keep in mind I’m not advocating banning ALL guns, because that would make many of you go completely berserk, but, even, like,… you know… more than usual. No, I’m suggesting we ban MILITARY GRADE WEAPONS, such as machine guns and assault rifles, TANKS, Rocket Launchers, C4 explosives, HORNET helicopters, and Nuclear Submarines, to keep them out of the general public’s reach.

LEST WE FORGET: When any branch of the Military, gives some soldiers in training a machine gun, they don’t say: “OKAY!!! Everyone go outside and have fun with your friends shooting at stuff!!! All you guys,… you know, just wander around as you see fit, and shoot at whatever. I have an unopened bottle of whiskey, so, me and Col. Warren Peace are gonna do some shots.… Oh, that reminds me, don’t shoot yourselves or your friends in the face, I don’t wanna fill out reports!!”

At least I don’t think so… however, I’d hazard to guess: they try to instill (a) a respect of the gravity of the weapon they’re holding. (b) a respect of the gravity of their target. (c) instill a respect for both, so that you DON’T kill your squad, or get them killed, and so that they can count on you.

There’s no mandatory training to purchase an AR-15. There’s no test to take akin to getting a driver’s license, or even a fishing license. If you have money in your hand, you’re “good to go”, as far as purchasing something that can kill a LOT of people in just a moment’s worth of use.

Right now as you read this, you’re already shaking your fist at me on your side of the screen. (The heavily armed side). You’re calling me horrible names, even though I’m a charming human being. You’re screaming about your second amendment rights, and I’m fine with this, but please just hear me out. I understand that the ability to buy and own the devastating weapons of war designed for ARMIES, and Marines, is important to you.

However, imagine GOD came down, and said to you: “Yo, what up, Goon? Listen, here’s the skinny, — if YOU give up the right to buy the kinds of weapons Mr. Bean could have singlehandedly won World War 2 with, I’ll save a random child’s life, using my awesome GOD powers. What say you?”

Would you do it? — You still get to have as many regular guns as you’d like, all capable of killing dozens of people in seconds, like Yosemite Sam before you, and just give up the right to easily purchase guns that can kill hundreds of people, in seconds. BUT- you save 1 kid’s life.

Are you, as a human being, capable of that level of sacrifice? Theoretically, (or, literally, if you ever find yourself in that EXACT situation.)

What if you can save 20?

What if you could, somehow, save the lives of ALL these small kids, pictured below, who were murdered in Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut?* — Would you do it? Could you bring yourself to sacrifice something you enjoy, if you could have saved these kids? They’re all laying in tiny coffins as you read this. Their futures destroyed along with their bodies, their last sight was the barrel of an AR-15 styled weapon. When you look at their faces, what do you see? I see them lying in pools of their own blood. Murdered in a place they felt safe. I look at each of their faces and just want to hurl the entire Earth straight into the sun, if only I could.

(*Since Sandy Hook, there have been at least 1,607 mass shootings, with at least 1,846 people killed and 6,459 wounded).

I can not even fathom how someone can see this, and not be deeply effected. We, as a country, failed every single one of these children. They deserved better.

So, to get us on the same page, you find firing a machine gun at a range a ton of fun, and I, LOVE my PS4 videogame console.

I really do. It’s my most stable symbiotic relationship. If someone wanted to ban my PS4 I would go “WHAT? NO!!!” And yet, if doing so, would save even one life, prevent just one kid from being a death statistic, I would give up my PS4, in a heartbeat, without a second thought, even though it gives me joy, in a life that… honestly,… sometimes… needs a bit of joy.

It’s called a sacrifice for the greater good. It builds street-cred and character.

There comes a time for us, as individual people, not to be selfish. To be better than what we were. To care about the plights of others, such as children being placed in obvious, overt, unacceptable, and unnecessary danger.

Now is that time.

Written by Steven W. Rouach
©2018 SWRouach



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