by Steven W. Rouach

(Photo by Cottonbro from Pexels)

In Your Wake

You space it out
when you space
You stretch it out
when you stretch

You think in poetry
deceitful bantering
under your hairdo
you’re so unfaceable

Prize outweighs the fun
chewed up by chewing gum
and a hostile city frowned
at the state of fear
cast down…

by Steven W. Rouach

“Can You Spot the 5 Things Wrong With This Picture? “-image by author.

Famed alcohol-taste-tester Matt Gaetz, like so many other Bond villains, is about to plummet right into the volcano he himself created.


Here’s a candid and un-doctored photo of me when I first learned Matt Gaetz is in -what legal experts are calling - SERIOUS TROUBLE.

Marjorie Taylor Greene, Noted Expert On Space Lasers, Responds by Creating New Legislation to Help Her Harass & Torment PTSD School Shooting Survivors.

THE FINAL FRONTIER — OF MADNESS! (image by author)

It seemed like a good idea at the time.

I, as a Jewish man, remember hearing about it one day at the Kosher butcher on East 3rd and Avenue U, from Rabbi Lenny Kravitz. Here’s that exchange.

“Did you hear? Chaim launched a Space Laser! Shlomo helped him! Then, they…

(and she’s dancing like she’s never danced before)

Pictured: Truth in advertising.

For clarity and journalistic accuracy, I want this article to be completely fair and unbiased. — So, Marjorie Taylor Greene happened when, after one too many drinks, Lunacy and Madness had unnatural sex together in an abandoned carnival funhouse and tragedy ensued.

She is a lunatic…

A Bitter Pill-O for Mike Lindell to Swallow.

Deviltry image by author

“MyPillow has an “F” rating from the Better Business Bureau and has been fined and settled numerous lawsuits over false advertising claims related to its products” — Taylor Telford, Washington Post.

There was a time when Mike Lindell, the CEO of MyPillow, had a great opportunity. He had an opportunity…

“Boebert’s Good-Time-Bloody-Murder-Mayhem Tours Inc.” Gets off to Explosive Start.

“Oh, Joy!” Says Dangerous Psychotic Lunatic, Lauren Boebert (R)— (Image by Author)

Lauren Boebert — took time away from her busy schedule of procuring PCP, pouring it over Cheerios into a large bowl, and then completely submerging her head into that bowl, to discuss starting her own tour company in consultation with the voices in her head, which, according to various reports…


Undead Rudy Still Beating a Dead Horse

*(All Images Created by Author)

So, here we are. It’s time again for Rudy Giuliani to rise, suddenly to our surprise, and do The Monster Mash. (*Ed Note: It was a graveyard smash).

After his illustrious and well-thought-out press conference at “The Four Seasons… Landscaping Company”, (voted; Pennsylvania’s #1 landscaping…

A Proud Moment For Americans Who Have Already Fled the Madness of America.

Our Evolution Challenge! Can You Spot All the Dinosaurs in This Photo? (Image by Author)

Shockingly, Donald Trump, (best known as the result of when vampires impregnate a can of Silly-String), has claimed, thus far;

  • that he hasn’t lost an election,
  • that there was no election and it was just…

Steven Rouach

Is a carbon based life form from Earth. Anyone who tells you he's not is absolutely lying. He's known for being dashing, heroic & humanity's last, best, hope.

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