Marjorie Taylor Greene, Noted Expert On Space Lasers, Responds by Creating New Legislation to Help Her Harass & Torment PTSD School Shooting Survivors.

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THE FINAL FRONTIER — OF MADNESS! (image by author)

It seemed like a good idea at the time.

I, as a Jewish man, remember hearing about it one day at the Kosher butcher on East 3rd and Avenue U, from Rabbi Lenny Kravitz. Here’s that exchange.

“Did you hear? Chaim launched a Space Laser! Shlomo helped him! Then, they went to Katz’s delicatessen but it’s NOT like it used to be! I thought you should know this! Also, my new album will be released in September followed by a tour! Now, I’m off to have a bagel with a shmear and play some guitar!” Rabbi Lenny Kravitz.


(and she’s dancing like she’s never danced before)

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Pictured: Truth in advertising.

For clarity and journalistic accuracy, I want this article to be completely fair and unbiased. — So, Marjorie Taylor Greene happened when, after one too many drinks, Lunacy and Madness had unnatural sex together in an abandoned carnival funhouse and tragedy ensued.

She is a lunatic. A madwoman.

Here’s a fun sanity test.

(Question) — Do YOU Think Marjorie Taylor Greene Is Sane?

1) No, because I’m a sensible person, and also, I know who she is. 2) Yes, she is very sane just like I am whenever I’m not compulsively stabbing everyone I see with a pair of sharp scissors…

A Bitter Pill-O for Mike Lindell to Swallow.

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Deviltry image by author

“MyPillow has an “F” rating from the Better Business Bureau and has been fined and settled numerous lawsuits over false advertising claims related to its products” — Taylor Telford, Washington Post.

There was a time when Mike Lindell, the CEO of MyPillow, had a great opportunity. He had an opportunity to shave off his ridiculous Harry-Reems 1970's porn mustache so he could look slightly less like a douche and/or Dr. Phil wearing a Sonny Bono wig.

Oh, and he also had ANOTHER opportunity.

He could have invested his time, money, and efforts to stop ripping off MyPillow customers with his…

“Boebert’s Good-Time-Bloody-Murder-Mayhem Tours Inc.” Gets off to Explosive Start.

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“Oh, Joy!” Says Dangerous Psychotic Lunatic, Lauren Boebert (R)— (Image by Author)

Lauren Boebert — took time away from her busy schedule of procuring PCP, pouring it over Cheerios into a large bowl, and then completely submerging her head into that bowl, to discuss starting her own tour company in consultation with the voices in her head, which, according to various reports, all sound exactly like Gilbert Gottfried.

For clarity, Boebert is the author of the books; “Winning Through Insanity”, the thought-provoking “The Bible Warned You Guys About Me, Specifically!” & her inspiring self-help novel, “I Can’t Believe No One Has Stopped Me Yet”. Boebert is also the subject of Kim Carnes’…


Undead Rudy Still Beating a Dead Horse

*(All Images Created by Author)

So, here we are. It’s time again for Rudy Giuliani to rise, suddenly to our surprise, and do The Monster Mash. (*Ed Note: It was a graveyard smash).

After his illustrious and well-thought-out press conference at “The Four Seasons… Landscaping Company”, (voted; Pennsylvania’s #1 landscaping attraction that shares a name with an iconic hotel) Rudy Giuliani did not rest on his Laurels!*

*(Stan and Martha Laurel, a local couple captured and abducted by Giuliani for feeding and sitting purposes, who have since escaped and are now cooperating with local authorities).

Rudy Giuliani took the vast…

A Proud Moment For Americans Who Have Already Fled the Madness of America.

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Our Evolution Challenge! Can You Spot All the Dinosaurs in This Photo? (Image by Author)

Shockingly, Donald Trump, (best known as the result of when vampires impregnate a can of Silly-String), has claimed, thus far;

  • that he hasn’t lost an election,
  • that there was no election and it was just Hillary dressed in various disguises pretending to vote,
  • that none of us exist and we’re all just figments of his imagination,
  • that the same three million dead voters from 2016 once again rose from their graves and voted for Biden just to finally prove that the dead have more survival…

Oh, Lordy…

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Can you spot Steve in this picture?

Once again, trapped in a country gripped with disease and madness, a nation torn in half as hundreds of thousands of us fell dying into the chasm between us, I desperately needed wisdom and guidance. I needed… hope.

After a long and perilous journey that also involved me leaving my apartment, I stood, trepidatiously, upon Mount Horeb, by a burning Bush (Jeb).

The light changed and became alive. I heard the music of eternity. It sounded like The Beatles in 1966 if Brian Wilson was the fifth member. I stood bathed in awe and glory. …

“This one’s optimistic… This one dropped a payload” — Radiohead

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“Karma Police, arrest this man” — Radiohead. (Imagery by author)

Many are wondering how “Moscow” Mitch McConnell got all those bruises over his face, claws, and tail. Scientists were baffled because McConnell’s own species’ exoskeleton and neck-gestating sack were thought to be impervious. Impenatrable.

And yet, McConnell was seen all bruised during his recent press conference where McConnell spoke to the press while sitting on a branch in his terrarium and flicking his tongue in and out of the mist.

Obviously, this led to questions which I am here to answer.

I abhor violence. I don’t think it solves anything and I am a pacifist. The only time I resort…

This Happened. No, Really. It Really Did!

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Spasibo, Comrade Kompromat!! (image by author)

When Bob Woodward recently released his spooky interview tapes featuring the dulcet-toned ravings of Donald J. Trump, we heard Donald bragging about the devastating deadliness of COVID-19,… before immediately going on to informing all his rich friends about it so that they can get their stocks in order, — as he continually mocked people wearing masks and called it ‘the flu’ and ‘a hoax’, so that all the rest of us can swap our safety and lives to protect the stock market. A one-two punch.

This, in and of itself, was pretty amazing.

For example and for historical reference; whenever

Prepare for another profoundly interesting debate.

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“Ta-da!!! I’m HERE!… I’m NOT fabulous, so don’t get used to me!” --Mike Pence. / / “Mama says knock you out!” — Kamala Harris (Images by author)

I’d like to take a moment to explain what we’re about to see.

Picture two boxers in a prizefight.

You may picture iconic battles like Ali vs. Liston, or ‘Sugar’ Ray Leonard vs Tommy Hearns. This is not that, so just picture Mike Tyson, young and in his prime, vs. Gus from the cigarette store*.
*(Gus’s Cigarette Emporium-Boutique & Haberdashery, -Est. 1957).

And Gus, of course, has a gummy leg, and terrible sciatica, and he’s also tied to an ironing board. And a 22-year-old Mike Tyson is punching him repeatedly and viciously in the head as Gus convulses and loses…

Steven Rouach

Is a carbon based life form from Earth. Anyone who tells you he's not is absolutely lying. He's known for being dashing, heroic & humanity's last, best, hope.

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